To buy any of the following items (displayed in order by Code), contact your nearest Area Office to request a catalogue and price list, and find out the cost of your order (including postage). 


This simple, business card size resource is "no frills". It points potential new members to the AGSO 1800 phone number, and to the Al-Anon Australa website address.


This service pamphlet was produced in Australia for all Austraian indigenous peoples in need of the help and comfort that Al-Anon (and Alateen) can offer.

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"Keep the focus on our program, please!" This tri-fold table card is new to the Al-Anon Australia catalogue of Confernce Approved Literature, since the beginning of 2020, and easily packed away flat. The Australian Service Conference 2019 workshopped a number of proposed new designs (replacing the S-24 Al-Anon Focus (table card)), where the tri-fold style with friendly waving hand was deemed the most eye-catching.

Order one for your group, today - for display on the chairperson's table, or for placement in the middle of the circle of members, on the floor. Al-Anon Family Groups simply want members around Australia to observe their personal anonymity during meetings, keeping outside issues at bay including a member's profession, other philosophies, other Twelve Step programs, and all literature other than items produced by and for Al-Anon Family Groups. Thank you!


All Al-Anon/Alateen reading material is a collection of the shared experience, strength and hope of its members, crossing the boundaries of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age, and walks of life. Further, it is suggested that members read all material, not only that which focuses on particular situations.

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Supplementary items also available from Area offices:

  • Pamphlets: Unity and Service
  • Pamphlets: Public Information & Institutions Activities
  • Special Items and Supplementary Materials
  • Posters
  • Kits
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