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Al-Anon and Alateen members worldwide find it useful and also heart-warming when they learn to recite and use The Serenity Prayer in their daily lives. On the back of the card you will find contact details for Al-Anon Family Groups Australia.


This bookmark lists useful thought-words, setting out what the two programs offer members and potential new members: "fellowship", "mutual support", "non-professional", "anonymity", "spiritual", "single purpose", "worldwide" "compatible", "free of charge" (and they're just the "Is" trigger-words!).


A popular public information resource (bulk requests are normally limited).

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A bookmark rather than a pamphlet, this very informative piece of CAL explains who Sponsors are and what Sponsorship is. “It is important to recognize that relationships sometimes change as we grow in Al-Anon. In order to continue growing, it may become necessary to change Sponsors. Sponsorship is not a lifelong commitment; letting go is not a sign of failure”. Sponsorship is: A relationship built on equality, anonymity and trust. A commitment to practice healthy communication – not based on intimidation or demands. An agreement to recover and grow together - not to struggle in isolation. A spiritual relationship with no strings attached. [Excerpt from, Sponsorship – Working together to Recover, M-78]


The Just For Tonight bookmark was first presented to the fellowship as a proposed new catalogue item published in the World Service Conference Summary 2018 (p. 51). The WSO had been asked to produce it, based on an article in the August 2016 issue of The Forum. And that is how it all came to be a bookmark complementing the M-12 Just For Today, Al-Anon (bookmark) and the M-13 Just For Today, Alateen (bookmark). Just for tonight...


An illustrated workbook for teens who want to tackle a personal growth challenge: A Fourth Step inventory. Includes lots of extra space for writing, drawing and reflecting. Adults too, have found this workbook useful.

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The task of making a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves can be daunting. This step-by-step workbook ensures the task is almost easy. Answers that require more thought than just "yes" or "no" are recommended, as is putting a date beside each entry so it's possible to look back and notice progress over the course of time.

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Reaching for Personal Freedom: Living the Legacies, is a workbook for members to gradually progress through Al-Anon's three spiritual legacies: Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, and Twelve Concepts of Service. Sooner or later, most members struggle to know how to apply the program legacies to life beyond the safety offered inside Al-Anon meeting rooms. This workbook addresses that process. The sharings are fresh, and the questions inviting contemplative thought. Recommended: Date the entries in your workbook for observing personal progress whenever you choose to look back.

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A magazine-style booklet of sharings by members in Australia who live or have lived with the problem of alcoholism (plus a couple of surprises) because as one Al-Anon poster declares, alcoholism shatters lives. Al-Anon members span all the roles of a given family: grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, husband wife, son, daughter, uncle, aunt, "otherwise orphan", as well employer or worker (but we don't identify our employment in meetings because our single purpose in that setting is the task of helping one another by telling our own story); helping others listening to identify the ways that we, who have been affected by the problem of alcoholic drinking, are learning to live healthy, productive lives (whether the alcoholic is still drinking or not). This booklet is an official Public Information item, replacing the use of copies of Austra-Link as a decision by the Australian Service Conference 2012.

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