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You Can See What It's Doing To The Drinker


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Families Facing Alcoholism 

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The stories you will read in this booklet come from members who live or have lived with the problem of alcoholism. They speak of their angst, pain, anger and frustration, and of their hope once they attend their first Al-Anon meeting. Today these members - men, women and children - have courage and confidence. They have found understanding and have learned what to do to help themselves and possibly, indirectly, help their alcoholic relative, loved one or friend whether sober or not.

Alateen Link-Up              Alateen Age: 


Alateen Link-Up is a magazine for Alateen members in Australia, comprising material mostly written or drawn by Alateen members, and produced three times a year by the AGSO Alateen Committee.

The magazine insert, a supplement to Austra-Link, is sent to all Alateen and Al-Anon groups and Lone Members. Members who subscribe to Austra-Link also receive editions of Alateen Link-Up

If you are an Alateen member and want to send in a program-related sharing, drawing, or puzzle please send it to AGSO, GPO Box 1002, Melbourne, 3001. We do ask that you keep your sharings brief and your drawings black on white so we can easily reproduce them to share with other members around Australia.

Here’s a sample of Alateen Link-Up (April 2022).

Alateen Age is a magazine for all Al-Anon members interested in Alateen. Al-Anon members and Alateen Sponsors share information about Alateen. 

Here's a sample of Alateen Age (September 2018)

The Forum:


Al-Anon's worldwide magazine, The Forum is produced by Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc. in the USA.

Subscriptions: Can be paid for in Australian currency by placing an order through the Australian General Service Office. Request a 1-year subscription, enclosing your cheque or money order for AUD$35.00.

Note: The World Service Office can no longer accept 2- or 3-year subscriptions.

Electronic format: Annual e-subscriptions, as well as the ability to purchase individual, digital copies of The Forum are readily available online nowadays.

For more information including recent excerpts, go to The Forum section of the World Service Office website (opens a new tab).