If you would like to purchase our literature, this screen should help.

Follow these sequential steps:

  • (1) Decide which Area Office (Literature Distribution Centre) is closest to you. On our Contact screen, beneath the National Office please choose one from the list of nine Area offices located around Australia.

  • ... If you're unsure... you can email, phone or contact the National office during normal business hours, or phone the national helpline from wherever you are: 1300 252 666.

  • (2) Write down the Literature Distribution Centre's office email address (you will need this).

  • (3) Download its current Literature Price List/Order Form, see below: (7).

  • (4) Use that Literature Form to select literature item/s of interest to you.

  • (5) Make an electronic payment, or send a cheque via Australia Post, remembering to add the postage specified on the Order Form. If using EFT show your name as sender. The office needs to be able to match you to the payment you made.

  • (6) Send an email to the Area Office (Literature Distribution Centre) (Step 2), attaching your completed literature order form. 

  • (7) Literature Distribution Offices around Australia

    (download a Literature Price List/Order Form):

Western Australia

(.pdf price list) and (.pdf ordering instructions)

South Australia

(website address)

Southern Victoria

(Ten books currently available)

Northern Victoria

(.xlsx interactive order form)

(.pdf order form)

Southern NSW

(.xlsx interactive form)

(,pdf price list/order form)

Western NSW

(.xlsx interactive form)

(.pdf order form)

Northern NSW

(.pdf order form)

South QLD

(.xlsx interactive order form)

(.pdf price list/order form)

(literature ordering procedure)

North QLD

(.xlsx interactive form)

(.pdf price,ist/order form)

  • (8) Just to reiterate: if you encounter any difficulty purchasing literature for the first time, please don't hesitate to contact your local Area Office (Literature Distribution Centre), or dial the national helpline on 1300 252 666 (from wherever you are), and last but not least the National office is always happy to help. With our best wishes,