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  • P-78 When I Got Busy I Got Better
  • The WSO says it best: 'The secret to recovery is service. Members share how Twelfth Step work builds self-esteem, confidence, and trust while reducing fear and isolation. 64 pages.'
  • Late last year, our Austra-Link Editor together with the Austra-Link editorial committee selected this item for review and for publishing selected excerpts from, throughout 2020.
  • 'This is practically a forgotten gem of our program!' Anon.
  P-78 When I Got Busy I Got Better

  • P46 WSC Conference Summary 2019
  • 59th Annual World Service Conference 2019
  • "ACTION IS ATTRACTION - Thre is no growth in the comfort zone"
  • To some members this is a collector's item; a must have. Copies are available now through your local Area office. Lodge your request with payment to own your copy. Filled with fascinating reports, insights and spiritual sharings, as usual, the contents of this annual publication never cease to amaze. And it is a great comfort knowing that the future of our Al-Anon Family Groups on a worldwide stage is in safe and steady hands, hearts and minds. Read it and find out what the buzz is all about!
  P-46 WSC Conference Summary 2019 

  • BX-1 Sharing from the Heart: Austra-Link Editorials 1990 - 2000
  • A special Australian print-run of the collected editorials written by former Austra-Link Editor, Mary R., a project endorsed by the 2015 Australian Service Conference, which has been published into a beautiful book available to members in Australia for purchase through local Area offices (soft cover, indexed, 243 pages).

BX-1 Sharing From The Heart

  • PI-01 Families Facing Alcoholism
  • 3rd edn, this special purpose Public Information booklet is published in Australia for P.I. work undertaken by local members: download here.

  • X-1 Australian Service Handbook (2017)
  • The Australian service handbook is supplementary to the P-24/27 Al-Anon Alateen Service Manual (World service handbook section); Ninth printing 2017; includes useful service structure diagrams; fully indexed.
  • The AGSO's next scheduled reprint will be mid-2020, following the changes being presented to the Australian Service Conference 2020 (being held at the end of May, this year).
  X-1 Australian Service Handbook (2017)





  • Catalogue of Conference Approved Literature (.PDF)


 Al-Anon Family Groups (Australian adaptation):




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  • Here's a printable version of the posters, it can be emailed to members for reviewing what's available.


Al-Anon/Alateen Catalogue of Conference Approved Literature

Download the Al-Anon/Alateen Catalogue of Conference Approved Literature (CAL), (X-97).

Reading for Recovery

  • Recovery through the 12 Steps

  • Unity through the 12 Traditions

  • Service through the 12 Concepts

The following links offer reading material for personal Recovery, Unity and Service:

First steps by the World Service Office (WSO) into the electronic literature marketplace.

Discontinued from the Al-Anon Family Groups catalogue, Having Had A Spiritual Awakening is available again as an e-book (eB-25). To find out more, refer to the WSO website to review all electronic literature titles available to date.

    • Having Had a Spiritual Awakening (eB-25)


  • Guildelines are provided as a service for use by Al-Anon Family Groups and members in Australia.