Donations via GiveNow

In recent months Al-Anon Family Groups Australia (AGSO) has enabled a new low-fee mechanism to enable donations from members via credit card and direct debit.


The following documents provide an overview of how individual Al-Anon Family Group members can use GiveNow to make a one-off or regular (repeating) donations to Al-Anon Family Groups Australia Pty Ltd.  Using this method to donate, members will receive an immediate receipt from Al-Anon via GiveNow and will also have access to their individual donation receipts and an annual summary of their donations at the end-of-financial-year.


Note: Donors won't be issued with an additional receipt from Al-Anon as then it would appear that the donation was given twice (as there will be different dates on the receipts).


Explanatory Documents:


1. Enabling member donations to Al-Anon Australia via GiveNow.pdf - explains GiveNow and the costs involved


2. GiveNow - How-to Donate to Al-Anon AGSO 28May2019.pdf - shows how to donate screen-by-screen


3. GiveNow dduck Gmail - Donation receipt for Al-Anon Australia General Fund.pdf - the thank you email from GiveNow but personalized by Al-Anon Australia


4. GiveNow dduck-Receipt-GN2009653.pdf - the receipt from GiveNow but personalized by Al-Anon Australia


5. GiveNow - view individual Donation Receipts and End-of-Financial-Year-Receipts.pdf - How to view receipts and get end of financial year summaries


6. eofy-2019-example-donation-receipt.pdf - example of an end of year donation summary


If you require further detail or want to discuss using GiveNow, AGSO are more than happy to assist you - as we are with any donations – so please contact us on 03 9620 2166 or via email to