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Al-Anon Family Groups Australia (AGSO) has issued the following information for members and groups about the impact of COVID-19:


Documents for groups and members:

1. Explanatory letter from the General Service Board, 17th March 2020.

2. Frequently Asked Questions

3. Update letter from the General Secretary/CEO, 27th March 2020.

4. AGSO letter re opening face-to-face meetings, 20th May 2020.

5. AGSO Appeal Letter July 2021

Proof of Vaccination: Some meeting venues may ask for proof of vaccination before allowing access to the venue. This is an issue outside of Al-Anon’s control. We must always abide by the law and the regulations or procedures that apply to the venues we use. Some groups have negotiated for a responsible person in their group to maintain a register of members details which could be sited by the venue if needed.

Update Notice: Restrictions in NSW and Victoria have caused face-to-face meetings to close temporarily. Most groups in other states have resumed face-to-face meetings. Limits to the number of participants at meetings may apply: each state may have a maximum limit on people allowed in the meeting room to reduce the spread of the virus. Please check the Meetings Tab above for details of all Australian meetings including electronic meetings.

Groups or Districts please continue communicating with your local Area Office when you know about group meeting updates. Website updates can then occur as a responsibility of the AGSO.

Further information will be added as the situation develops.  

   Journal my concerns

Any concerns?

If you have any concerns or require further information then please contact us on:

(03) 9620 2166 or via email to:


Austra-Link (splay of editions)  Austra-Link:

Hard copies of Austra-Link are being mailed to groups and members who have a subscription. Copies can still be downloaded from the website. If you would like to receive the electronic version of Austra-Link directly into your email inbox, email your request to:

We also encourage members to forward electronic copies to their Al-Anon friends.

Hard copies are posted to each current mailing address (CMA) unless a group instructs the Australian General Service Office otherwise.

With changed arrangements due to the COVID-19 situation, many groups' activities are affected. Please keep us up-to-date with your CMA and ensure the post box rental is paid up-to-date if that is your group's usual mail arrangement. Australia Post charges the AGSO for all mail items it Returns to Sender.

Note: Production and distribution of Austra-Link works on a monthly cycle so you may still receive an issue in the moonth after requesting your hard copy subscription be halted.

Also, Austra-Link Editor, Wendy, would love to receive your sharing sheet! Instructions for your submission can be found here.


Al-Anon members online

A suggestion:

If your Al-Anon meeting closes, it is possible to use electronic means via Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Skype and Zoom to have an online meeting, plus there's WhatsApp or phone meetings with members in your group or just to keep in contact.



Electronic and phone meetings:

  • Lists under the Meetings Tab are compiled from details provided to the Australian General Service Office (AGSO).
  • You can forward changes to meeting details through your GR and DR. We look forward to hearing from you! Or, you can just email your electronic meeting details directly to AGSO:


Resources for creating online or phone meetings:

  • Electronic meetings registered with the World Service Office (WSO) are listed on the WSO website.


Literature Resources:


Comparing Platforms:

  • Webex: virtual meetings, an overview created for members' purposes.
  • Zoom: a member has kindly produced instructions for creating a meeting using the Zoom app, including a Contents page leading to each sequential step during set-up.

Training for Zoom Cloud Meetings:

  • A Zoom meeting Template has been created for group members wanting to join a local Zoom meeting. Please also download your Area's Seventh Tradition sharing sheet.
  • Northern NSW Area - Seventh Tradition
  • Western NSW Area - Seventh Tradition
  • North Queensland Area - Seventh Tradition
  • South Queensland Area - Seventh Tradition
  • South Australia Area - Seventh Tradition
  • Western Australia Area - Seventh Tradition (includes Northern Territory. Please also download the WA Area donation reference codes.)

Other Resources:

  • Don't forget the Blog on this website. We love hearing from members!