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Austra-Link is the monthly magazine for members of Al-Anon Family Groups in Australia.

Welcome to the  July Issue!

For me Al-Anon is special magic. I am amazed at the miraculous efforts that led to the development of this wonderful fellowship; the imagination and coursge of Bill W. and Lois W. and their peers; the cautious wisdom that went into formulating the Steps, traditions and later Concepts and the egalitatian attitude fostered in the carefully crafted words of the Legacies and in our Guidelines. 

As Austra-Link editor, I am a happy sponge, soaking up the wisdom of the past editors and editorial Committees. This "Meeting in a Pocket" has been companion to so many members since its inception in 1981. Austra-Link was also a "Between Meetings" life line to me very early on in my recovery and not only offered experience, strength and hope in its pages, but also was a gently introduction to the culture of Al-Anon fellowship.

I gratefully receive the generous and hope filled contributions from members in my inbox today and invite visitors to the site to take the opportunity to share the benefits by reading Austra-Link

Wendy E. Editor

Purposes of Austra-Link:

In this magazine, Al-Anon and Alateen members share their experience, strength and hope as they do in their meetings. Through this "Voice of the Fellowship" individual members and groups can be heard by many. Such sharing is vital in helping readers find growth and serenity through the Al-Anon program.

  • share experience, strength and hope with each other
  • discuss effective ways to cope with their problems
  • encourage each other
  • help one another understand the principles of the Al-Anon program

Contributing to Austra-Link:

Al-Anon and Alateen members are invited to contribute articles, sharing their recovery. Articles present members' personal views and experiences, and opinions expressed are not to be attributed to Al-Anon as a whol. Austra-Link does not print prayers or poetry. Full name and address (Home or Group) is required before any item can be accepted however these details are not published. Please indicate how you would like your article signed. First name only, First name and Area, Initials only, or 'Anon'.

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Subscribing to Austra-Link:

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Forthcoming Events:

Notices of forthcoming events need to reach the Editor two months prior to publication.


Austra-Link Online: 

In May 2019 the Australian Service Conference decided that each monthly copy of Austra-Link would be available electronically on the Al-Anon website for members to read.

The electronic versions of Austra-link will be available for you to read or download from now on.  

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